Waialua Bulldogs

Waialua, HI

Christine Alexander

Darnell Arceneaux


Scarlet & Gray

Neal Miyazaki

Isaiah Aina, Kris Kositwongsakul, Reynaldo Antonio, Jerimiah Repollo

(Left to Right) Jacob-Dylan Reyes, Jonah Gibo, Logan Pactol, Ismael Chambers-Samadi, Bowen Cassel, Kailen Cummings, Seth Stanek, Shayden Mccandless, Joshua Fore, James Patrick Zara, Nainoa Himalaya

The Bulldogs of Waialua make their inaugural appearance in the `Iolani Boy’s Prep Classic this year. Led by Head Coach Neal Miyazaki, the Bulldogs are excited about the upcoming season, hoping to be a develop into a playoff-bound team. The Bulldogs welcome a talented set of newcomers to the varsity this year, which include 6’5 senior center Sabastian Stone, 6’1 senior guard Seth Stanek and 5’8 senior guard, Jonah Gibo. 5’7 junior guard James Zara will also be counted on as an impact player for Waialua.

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
0 Logan Pactol SG 5’8” 12
1 Jonah Gibo PG 5’10” 12
2 Joshua Fore SG 5’8” 12
3 Jacob-Dylan Reyes SG 5’6” 10
5 Seth Stanek F 6’2” 12
6 Ismael Chambers’Samadi SG 5’9” 12
10 Nainoa Himalaya PG 5’6” 12
15 Jayvie Arellano SG, SF  6’0” 10
20 Tirell  Allen G 5’10” 9
21 James Patrick Zara PG 5’8” 12
23 Kailen Cummings F 6’2” 12
30 Bowen Cassel F 6’3” 10
33 Shayden Mccandless F 6’0” 11