Project Description

Punahou Buff N’ Blue

Honolulu, HI

Dr. Mike Latham

Dr. Emily McCarren

Jeff Meister, Reydan Ahuna, Rick Tune



Darren Matsuda

Tyler Terai, Jeremiah Ostrowski, Dale Watanabe, Teo Clemens, Roger Hsiung

TOP ROW (L-R): Justice Wu, Christian Kauhane, Dillon Kellner, Tucker Lam, Noah Macapulay, Dash Watanabe, Peyton Macapulay, Sosaia “Higgy” Katoa, Jon Yoshimoto, Sayler Hsiung (Manager), Head Basketball Coach Darren Matsuda
BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Coach Dale Watanabe, Kekai Burnett, Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas, Jack Walter, James Taras, Kainoa May, Ian Eveleth, Drake Watanabe, Balen Rigg, Coach Tyler Terai, Zachary Shapira, Coach Teo Clemens

The Buff n Blue of Punahou join the `Iolani Classic for the 12th time in 2021 and their first since 2016. Punahou has a 26-17 record in the `Iolani Classic, including a second place finish in 1995. Head Coach Darren Matsuda points to three key seniors returning for 2021: 5’9 point guard Peyton Macapulay, 6’1 wing Drake Watanabe and 6’6 post Zach Shapira. Sophomores Dillon Kellner and Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas will also be counted on to make an impact.

Coach Matsuda commented on this years’ team: “We expect to be a state title contender this year.”

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
1 Justice Wu SG 6’1” 11
2 Christian Kauhane W 5’11” 11
3 Zach Shapira P/W 6’6” 12
4 Ian Eveleth W 6’3” 12
5 Tucker Lam W 6’1” 11
10 Peyton Macapulay PG 5’9” 12
11 Dillon Kellner W 6’0” 10
12 Jack Walter W 6’3” 10
14 Jon Yoshimoto PG/W 5’8” 10
20 Dash Watanabe PG/W 5’11” 9
21 Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas W 6’4” 10
22 Noah Macapulay PG 5’8” 10
23 Drake Watanabe W 6’0” 12
24 Sosaia “Higgy” Katoa W 6’1” 12
30 James Taras W/P 6’4” 10
31 Balen Rigg W/P 6’4” 12
32 Kainoa May P 6’6” 12
34 Kekai Burnett P 6’5” 10