Mid Pacific Owls

Honolulu, HI

Dr. Paul Turnbull

Scott Wagner


Green & White

Ryan Hirata

Robert Shklov, Tim Sheperd, Nate Hu, Travis Hayashi, Cameron Roberts

Left to Right: Colin Ramos, Adonis Espania, Lucca Kitashima, Jayden Ramos, Cameron Dang, Jaxon Fahrni, Cameron Hersh, Kala Nakaya, Elijah Kahue-Parker, Hugh Donlon, Benjamin Wong, Danton Nitta, Micah Suan, Kamana Lapina

The Owls of Mid-Pacific, directed by Head Coach Ryan Hirata, enter the ‘Iolani Classic for the ninth time in 2018. Mid-Pacific will be led by Colin Ramos, a 5’8 senior guard (ILH First-Team Selection in 17-18) and Kamana Lapina a 5’8 point guard. Both players bring speed, toughness and experience to the backcourt. The Owls are excited about their newcomers as well. Kala Nakaya, a 6’5 sophomore post and Elijah Kahue-Parker, a 6’3 sophomore small forward will be called upon to help MPI this season.

Coach Hirata and the Owls are eager to participate in the tournament. “We expect our guys to play hard every single possession for each other and the program. I am extremely excited for our team to compete in one of the best high school tournaments in the country (‘Iolani Classic) and use the experience to put us in the best position to succeed in another tough year in the ILH.”

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
1 Kitashima, Lucca G 5’9″ 11
3 Nitta, Danton G 5’9″ 12
10 Lapina, Kamana G 5’8″ 11
11 Ramos, Colin G 5’8″ 12
12 Suan, Micah G 5’7″ 12
15 Kahue-Parker, Elijah F 6’3″ 10
20 Donlon, Hugh F 6’3″ 12
22 Dang, Cameron F 6’1″ 12
23 Ramos, Jayden F 6’0″ 11
24 Nakaya, Kala C 6’5″ 10
32 Wong, Benjamin C 5’10” 12
34 Espania, Adonis G 5’8″ 11
35 Fahrni, Jaxon F 6’1″ 12
50 Hersh, Cameron C 6’2″ 12