Kailua Surfriders

Kailua, HI

Stacy Oshio

Ramona Takahashi


Blue & White

Wally Marciel

Chuck Auld, Noah Auld, Damien Guerreiro, Anthony Ornellas, Jordan Kohl, Chad Akana

(Back Row-L-R) Semi Samau, Joshua Thomas Wells Jr, Nainoa Smith-Akana, Alika Saberon, Giovanni Ruiz, Noa Donnelly, Ethan Kunz, Daniel Palenapa
(Front Row L-R) Corvey Lee, Reece Matsukawa, Brayden Unten, Jonny Philbrick, Elijah Stietzel, Japheth Lilo, Roscoe Eddins, Skylar Unten

Head Coach Wally Marciel and the Surfriders of Kailua enter the 2021 `Iolani Prep Classic after last participating in 2018. Although Kailua, along with the rest of the state of Hawai’i, lost the 2020-21 season to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kailua’s last competitive season was a strong one, finishing 19-7. This season, the Surfriders will be led by senior guards Roscoe Eddins and Reece Matsukawa along with junior guard Jonathan Philbrick. Senior guard Ethan Kunz and sophomore forward Noa Donnelly will be counted on to make an impact.

Coach Marciel commented on the season: “Our players and coaches are extremely excited to get back into the gym. We are honored again to be able to participate in the `Iolani Classic. Our goal this year and every year is to play at the highest level. The `Iolani Classic gives us that opportunity and prepares us for our league.”

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
3 Jonny Philbrick G 5’9” 11
4 Reece Matsukawa G 5’9” 12
5 Brayden Unten G 5’11” 12
10 Japheth Lilo G 5’11” 12
11 Roscoe Eddins G 5’9” 12
12 Skylar Unten G 5’11” 9
15 Nainoa Smith-Akana G 5’11” 11
20 Joshua Thomas Wells Jr F 5’11” 12
21 Corvey Lee F 6’0” 11
23 Ethan Kunz F 6’1” 12
24 Giovanni Ruiz C 6’4” 12
25 Daniel Palenapa F 5’10” 12
30 Noa Donnelly C 6’4” 10
35 Alika Saberon F 5’9” 11
40 Semi Samau C 5’11” 12