Jefferson Democrats

Portland, OR

Margaret Calvert

Neil Barrett


Royal Blue & Gold

Patrick Strickland

Jimmy Thompson, Dale Baugh, Larry Warren Jr.

From Left to Right: K’lum Strickland, Keylin Vance, Marcus Tsohonis, Charles Taylor, Nate Rawlins-Kibonge, Kamaka Hepa, Andrew Graves, Khalil Chatman, Rayven Turner, Jalen Brown, Romeo Akil, Robert Ford

The Democrats of Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon enter the ‘Iolani Classic for the first time in 2017. Jefferson brings impressive credentials to the tournament, including last season’s 27-1 record and 6A Oregon State Basketball Championship. The team ended the year ranked 23rd nationally. Last year was not an aberration as Coach Strickland and the Democrats have recently won 5A Oregon State Basketball Championships in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014.

Jefferson High School has an impressive group of players who will represent the school this season. The Democrats will be led by 6’10 senior forward, Kamaka Hepa (signed with Texas), 6’5 junior point guard Marcus Tsohonis and 6’0 senior point guard Robert Ford. Jefferson also has great size on its roster, including 6’8 senior Khalil Chatman and 6’10 junior Andrew Graves. In addition to the forwards, 6’3 Jalen Brown, 6’1 Keylin Vance and 6’5 Rayven Turner add skill and depth to the guard position for the Democrats.

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
0 Strickland, K’lum G 6’1” 12
1 Tsohonis, Marcus G 6’5” 11
2 Akil, Romeo G 6’1” 12
3 Brown, Jalen G 6’3” 11
4 Chatman, Khalil F 6’8” 12
5 Vance, Keylin G 6’1” 11
10 Turner, Rayven G/F 6’5” 9
12 Grave ,Andrew F 6’10” 11
20 Ford, Robert G 6’0” 12
22 Taylor, Charles (Will) F 6’6” 11
23 Rawlins-Kibonge, Nate F 6’6” 9
33 Hepa, Kamaka F 6’10” 12