Project Description

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Ka Makani

Kamuela, HI

Chip Miller

Stephen Perry


Red & White

Fred Wawner

Sefa Tufaga, Kelssy Walker

Front Row: Coach Sefa Rocha-Tufaga, Todd Hill, Javan Perez, Jaysen Bragado, Tre Walker, KJ Walker, Michael Hughes, Seth Beach Back Row: Wyson Cheng, Ry Bleckel, Matija Vitorovic, Oliver Kettner, Valentinas Ulinas, Umikoa Kealoha, Keawe Strance, Dean Connors, Coach Kelsey Walker,
Head Coach Fred Wawner

Ka Makani of Hawaii Preparatory Academy enters the ‘Iolani Classic for the first-time ever in 2018. The team from Waimea, Hawai‘i won the BIIF Division II Championship last season. The team, led by Head Coach Fred Wawner has a strong group of returning players. KJ Walker, Javan Perez and Matija Vitorovic are expected to lead Ka Makani this season.

Coach Wawner is excited for the season and for the team to be participating in the ‘Iolani Classic.

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
3 Walker, Tre G 5’7″ 9
5 Walker, Kelsen-Jaye G 5’11″ 10
10 Perez, Javan G 5’9″ 11
11 Bleckel, Ry G 6’2″ 11
12 Kealoha, Umikoa G 6’1″ 11
15 Beach, Seth G 5’8″ 12
20 Vitorovic, Matija G 6’4″ 12
21 Hill, Todd G 5’10″ 11
22 Hughes, Michael F 6’0″ 11
23 Bragado, Jaysen G 5’10″ 11
24 Connors, Dean F 5’11″ 10
30 Strance, Keawe F 6’1″ 12
32 Kettner, Oliver F 6’5″ 12
33 Ulinas, Valentinas F 6’5″ 11
40 Cheng, Wyson F 6’0″ 12