H.P Baldwin High School Bears

Wailuku, Maui

Keoni Wilhelm

Wade Hondo


Maroon and Columbia Blue

Cody Tesoro

Jordan Helle, Ed Tesoro, Greg Heyd, Donnie Dadiz, Jery Manarpaac

From Left to Right: Coach Jery Manarpaac, Coach Donnie Dadiz (back), Coach Greg Heyd (back), Jayden Leeber-Torres, Xyler Nakamura, Kai Shing, Chaz Villados, Trotter Apo, Blake Inger, Kolt Yarbrough, Ghesiah Faleafine-Auwae, Avery Pauole, Dylan Kuia, Kona Anderson, James Medeiros, Jaeven Sumper, Jay-Kwon Torres-Leeber, Coach Jordan Helle (back), Alex Murata, Coach Ed Tesoro (back), Ryal Burton, Coach Cody Tesoro (Missing: Evan Manarpaac)

The Baldwin Bears focus on developing their athletes to be the best version of themselves both on and off the court. Baldwin takes pride in creating a family like environment for their players, with an emphasis on focusing on the things that can be controlled and not worrying about the things they can’t while always keeping things positive.

Team Roster

Number Name Pos. Ht. Gr.
5 Kai Shing G 5’6″ 12
10 Jay-Kwon Torres-Leeber G 5’8″ 12
12 Chaz Villados G 5’7″ 10
14 Alex Murata G 5’7″ 12
20 Xyler Nakamura G 5’4″ 11
21 Blake Inger F 6’2″ 12
22 Jaeven Sumper F 6’0″ 12
23 Kona Anderson F 6’3″ 12
30 Dylan Kuia F 6’3″ 9
32 Ryal Burton G 5’7″ 12
33 Evan Manarpaac G 5’7″ 9
41 Kolt Yarbrough G/F 6’4″ 10
42 Avery Pauole F/C 6’6″ 12
44 Trotter Apo F 6’3″ 11
45 James Medeiros F 6’2″ 11
50 Ghesiah Faleafine-Auwae C 6’4″ 9
55 Jayden Torres-Leeber G 6’0″ 11